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Born in Padova Italy 18/07/1972, skydiver since 1992 with more than 18000 total jumps. Since 1999 skydiver full time as Videographer Tandem instr. Aff instr. freefly instr. and athlete competitor. Since 1995 many achievements in different records attempt and competitions, nationals and internationals.



Italian skydive Instr./exam. (IPS-enac)


Freefly Instr. Of The First School of Modern Skyflying AD-C#15



Best results in sport:   

1995 Italian RECORD of big formation project 100 (Siena)

1996 SILVER Italian Nationals of Free Style (Casale

2000 SILVER Italian Nationals first official freefly competition under FAI (Udine)

2000 Italian RECORD of big formation project 100 (Udine)

2001 SILVER Space Games#11 FreeFly 3 way Space Cake team E.Fradet F.LePoole M.Basso (Pahokee, Florida)

2002 personal RECORD High Altitude Tandem jump 24500Ft and 120 “ of free fall time             (Pahokee, Florida)

2003 World RECORD first attempt in the world of freefly big formation 24 Way (Sebastian, Florida)

2003 GOLD OVER ALL Golden Gala Italian skydive league, in RW 8way, FreeFly and Canopy Piloting (Ravenna)

2004 GOLD Italian Nationals of free style male freestyle team italy O.Zipser, M.Basso (Ravenna) 

2004 BRONZE World championship of free style male (Boituva, Brasil)

2005 World RECORD of Freefly big formation 53 Way (Perris, California)  

2005 BRONZE Malevsky European Cup of free style male (Stupino, Russia)

2005 GOLD Italian Nationals of freefly team Italy L.Tondelli, P.Seccomandi, M.Basso (Reggio Emilia)

2005 GOLD Space Games#14 FreeFly 3way and 4way chall.(Arezzo)

2005 BRONZE World Cup of free style female team Italy S.Martinengo, M.Basso (Eloy, Arizona)

2006 BRONZE World championship of freefly (Gera-Germany)      

2006 GOLD Italian Nationals of freefly (Salerno)

2007 European RECORD of Freefly big formation 40 Way (Empuriabrava, Spain)

2009 European RECORD of Freefly big formation 51 Way (Empuriabrava, Spain)

2011 European RECORD of Freefly big formation 80 Way (Empuriabrava, Spain)



TV Show: 

Since 1997 partecipations for tv shows in main national Italian tv Channels, RAI, MEDIASET

and in different satellite chennels, RAI SPORT SAT, TECH TV.

MEDIASET TV “Le Iene show” Sport and technical consulting for skydive in their shows.

PERSONAL trainer of Marco Berry for new tv shows in different national channels

Several skydive commercials and music Video Clip (House Panic “the Dolphins” 2003).


 Articols and magazine:      

“Aerial Stunt Model” in two “sky high fashion” for fashion Magazine : “MAX Mag.” (2002) e “GQ Mag.” (2004)  

brands: Armani, Cavalli, Valentino, Rocco Barocco and Police sun glaces.

Many different articols and pictures in several skydive magazine nationals and internationals